Tips on taking your children out to eat or for errands.

Having my first child and taking him to restaurants were great. Around 6 months and on I would bring a portable DVD player with some of his favorite DVDs.  I would take out the DVD player out when I need it most.  For example if he was being well-behaved I would wait until he had some fussy moments of boredom and then take out DVDs for him to watch.  My favorite saying is “if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.”  or Give them something to do when they are acting up.  Save your energy to entertain them when they get bored. From there I was able to squeeze in a relaxing time out.  This would even work while out clothes shopping. Occupying your child is the key to making things easier.  I also would always carry around a fisher price book that made sounds when opening to distract and teach at the same time will have your child entertained when at a still point, for example waiting in a doctor’s office, in line for groceries.  This obviously changes with your child’s age and different interests.  Always keep your child in a stroller when being out especially at the age where they have a tendency of running around is always your best bet for safety, and saving yourself to get things done.  If you get them used to being out of a stroller that’s what they will know.  From the minute my son started walking, before walking out my front door I would explain to him that when we go bye-bye you hold moms hand.  Repetition of explaining to your child is how you teach,  them to learn.  Consistency in talking to your children even when you don’t think they understand  will help you to teach them to listen and understand.


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