Tips on getting out of the house when being a mom.

-Having everything ready to go. Start with getting your diaper bag fully equipped from diapers, bottles, sippy cups, formula, snacks…etc to a change of outfit for your child.  Always be prepared with your child’s wants and needs.  This makes your outing run a lot smooth being prepared.  Place everything you will need for the day out by the door or into your car. Whether it be those clothes you wanted to send out to cleaners, your diaper bag, returns, garbage..etc.

– Get kids ready before you and let them play or watch something that occupies them while you are getting ready.  If they are known to take of their shoes and socks and you find yourself going crazy looking all over the house for them save that for last.  You will never find them otherwise. (lol)

-Once you are ready get everyone out the door all at once.


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